Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker bails out of the GOP Presidential Sweeps

with a private prayer to the GOP God of thunder and fundraising that a southerner gets the nomination, one that forgets that Walker came off as a tedious zombie on the stump. Ah but its getting real over there yo, Walker bailed with a plea that others withdraw as well in order to stop Donald Trump. Still and all that, its a bleak end for someone who was a Certified Man of Destiny Two Months Ago..... So this means in turn that the music is getting getting up tempo and the fight to stop Trump comes dow to who bails and endorses versus who has the stamina and $$ to stay's a variant on the fabled Game of Chicken. At this point though its the worst sort of zero sum game, too many slippery variables versus too little reliable intell. Fiorina collected lots of plaudits off the last debate but the she doesn't have the scratch to capitalize on her buzz moreover the punditariat was visibly desperate to anoint someone anyone as the AntiTrump. Carly got off a good line and caught that wave but it doesn't seem like it'll take her far. Early word is that Marco Rubio is polling third or fourth in Iowa and came in for some good reviews off last week's debate but that again could be sheer desperation on the part of the GOP Leadership, no one else is catching fire and fellow Floridian Jeb Bush is staggering around NH campaigning like a stroke victim. Trump's numbers seem to have finally plateau'd but that still puts him out front with no credible opposition in sight. And right now it's all about Stopping Trump, main force hasn't worked so the coalition has to be assembled bit and bit and via negotiation...I'm wondering if that rumored Romney phone poll in NH was less about getting Mitt in than in pushing some candidates towards the exits. I've got to get up to NH sooner rather than later, my revised priorities, Trump, Rubio and ...Jeb. Will advise....

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