Sunday, November 01, 2015

If Vladimir Putin is smart

(and the jury is still out on The Little Father on that score) he'll take this plane crash in the Sinai as a good indicator of how badly ISIS wants to mess with Russia. Granted initial reports indicate that the plane crashed due to technical issues and was not brought down by ISIS, but boy howdy sure do want to do that and so much more don't they? We'll see how long Putin sticks it out in Syria when his beloved Spetnatz are getting beheaded on Youtube. But that is the folly of intervention in the region, the major powers think the calculus of power politics is somehow sovereign in the Middle East and it never is, theocide and ecstatic self destruction trump ye olde balance of power every time. This is after all a region where Arab howl about apartheid in Israel while they are slaughtering their own from Aleppo to Anbar Province....

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