Friday, November 27, 2015

According to the New Yorker

Senator Marco Rubio has odd religious habits, in that he worships on Saturday at a Protestant Evangelical Church and then executes his liturgical obligation to the Roman Catholic Church of his birth on Sundays. This is a practice that was once common in Louisiana back in the 1930's where the Catholic - Protestant Divide runs north to south as in Ireland, but these days what with instant media and all, you'd think it'd be an odd slightly hypocritical affectation. Not so to Rubio I guess.... Of a Catholic, Marco Rubio ought to realize that the the RCC does not approve of "Open Communion", non Catholics may not partake of communion nor can Catholics receive the eucharist in non Catholic Churches. Of course Rubio has a first amendment right to sit in any church he likes...but if he is celebrating the eucharist in a Non Catholic Church YOU WOULD THINK his Local Bishop might just take him in hand for a refresher regarding doctrine.... After all John Kerry got stung in public for "preaching" in certain African American Churches by the US Bishops, this practice of Rubio's if true is deserving of a similar rebuke at the very least. But I won't hold my breath on that one, these are the US Bishops we are talking about.....

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