Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is it me or is

Jeb Bush's current advert buy in NH plain awful? A bunch of toxically privileged toadies croaking Jeb's praises as the toughest thing on two feet since the Death of Bruce Lee.... And meanwhile Jeb "I Eat Nails for Breakfast" Bush is being beaten in the polls like a Red Headed Stepchild by a giddy sawbones whose dyslexia causes him to consistently misidentify a Pyramid for a Grain Silo. Da Facts are falling far short of the hype I think. Now the rumors are that Jeb's campaign are about to get rough with former protege Marco Rubio....which might be a gut check time for the mainstream GOP, if Jeb beats down Marco then around whom can the insiders coalesce if Trump starts gulp....winning primaries?? So I'm guessing Jeb might be getting some unwelcome push back on what amounts to a desperate plan to take Rubio down with him. Which in turn is a good test of just how narcissistic Jeb and all of La Famiglia Arbusto is when push cometh to shove.

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