Monday, November 09, 2015

The Globe has made a half hearted attempt to tempt

Congressperson Katherine Clark into the 2018 gubernatorial election, both she and Maura Healey have both wisely given a pass to the project. Katherine Clark represents one of the safest seats in the history of the US House of Representatives and while this makes her a good leadership prospect within the caucus it doesn't do much to project electoral power into swing precincts in Worcester & Plymouth Counties. Just sayin' thass all. Some of that article on the front page is a bid to excite the ambitions of the still thwarted PUMA wing of the state democratic partei....I urge all and sundry NOT to inhale any heady vapors exuded by the Boston Globe. Morrissey Blvd may be a liberal paper still, but when it comes to ginning up a good fight for 2018 idealogy takes a back seat to filling up a good card. Keep in mind the Globe's editorial pages luuuuv writing obits for liberals and liberalism a nice landslide for Baker fills up that need quite nicely. Besides Senator Markey is not a young man....and has remained silent so far as I can tell about his plans in 2020.... Which brings me to my main point, right now Charlie Spreadsheets is riding high in the polls, as democrats we are waiting on the issues and inscrutable fate to give us a good starting position in 2018, right now we don't have that Katherine Clark or no Katherine Clark. If I had to speculate we might need someone who can self finance the next time around, it might be a more favorable circumstance for the likes of Steve Pagliucca or the like.

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