Monday, November 16, 2015

Apparently Governor Baker

invested some time talent and treasure during the last budget season in trying to exempt his Revenue Commissioner from the state detailed and explicit restrictions on collecting outside renumeration from private entities & boards. Thankfully the State Senate put a stop to the notion, though quietly. Can you imagine the squeals of indignation that would've issued from the Boston Globe's op ed page if Deval Patrick had tried such a stunt?? I can practically envision the sheer outrage that would've poured from the laptops of Joan Vennochi & Scot Lehigh.... But as of today, dead silence on said op-ed page....but the matter will require some vigilance admittedly. All this tells me that being a "moderate republican" is a bit of a sucker's game as far as the Globe is concerned...something they fall for every damn time.

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