Thursday, November 26, 2015

World War 2.5.1

I don't worry about US and Russian fighter jet getting into accidental conflict escalating dogfights over Iraq & or Syria. Even though that very scenario was at the core of a lot of political thrillers back in the day, conflict avoidance seems pretty much deeply woven in the diplomatic-military DNA. No I do worry about dumbass Russian Pilots flying their rattletrap jets over Turkish territory (and thus giving Erdogan an excuse to do even less about ISIS) or else straying into the Israel Air Defense Zone. THAT has escalation potential everyone should be concerned about....especially when Putin's policy goals are so utterly vague and amount to nothing more than propping up a useless regional client and asserting great power status. Poor reasons to endanger the lives of Russian troops...but then that's Putin in a nutshell, pay a dirty shopworn dollar to get a shiny new quarter.

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