Thursday, November 05, 2015

Geez Guess I was wrong

looks like ISIS brought down that Russian Airbus in the Sinai after all. Although....there is still a chance it was not sabotage, US Intell is flagging a bomb pretty bluntly so the chances of an Act of God being the cause seems awfully slim. Nevertheless this is the last and only Wake Up Call Putin is gonna get in the region, after this, ISIS will start polishing up asides inside continental Russia. This is a big step up for ISIS in general they are moving outside the Middle East which is inevitable given their horizontal leaderless organization style. My Gut is, Putin doesn't have the resources or the diplomatic will to hang tough in Syria, I may be wrong about that as well my record so far on this is indifferent I suspect his best hope is to restore some of Russia's region credibility by brokering partition as he cannot guarantee outright victory. On the other hand it's likely too late to reconsider intervention, this week's homicidal incident means Russia is in the cross hairs Assad or no Assad. We are about to see just how well Vladimir Putin performs in a situation where he does not have the element of surprise on his side.....

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