Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kudos to Congressman Moulton

for pushing back on Governor Baker's surly passive aggressive resistance to housing any Syrian Refugees in the Commonwealth. It may not be a popular stance for the freshman Congressman but it is principled and at least...definite. More than I can say about some other big name democrats in this State. The problem with democrats in Massachusetts is that we make easy terms with just about any GOP Governor who is not a demonstrably twitchy falangist....and everyone decamps to their districts to moan and groan about budget cuts when they aren't doubling the carbon footprint in their local Elk Clubs bloviating about the "Republican War on the Poor". Nothing gets done but then everyone has an excuse for inaction and maximal rhetorical bombast. As democrats we need to get out of the complacency zone all the way down to the precinct level, delineate our differences with Baker forcefully and make it clear what our stance is when He is Wrong. So far though, I'm not hearing much of that, the Election was a Full Year Ago Folks it's already a different world....get crackin'!

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