Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scot Lehigh went on Safari in NH...

and discovered with breathless excitement that Ohio Governor John Kasich is really a Moderate Republican. I mean read the column Lehigh virtually coos with happiness he can just see the Charter Schools sprouting up magically on every street corner. And then the next day Kasich wrecks the whole vibe by proposing the creation of a US Agency to "promote our Judeo Christian Heritage"abroad...Bill of Rights be Damned! Ghod I think I'm gonna need Harvard Stadium in which to laff..... But let me say this, moderate republicanism is dead, it may come back though I doubt it but it will NEVER come back as long as credulous columnistas like Scot Lehigh simply project their need for a moderate republican messiah onto some cynical conservative. All that does is corrupt the brand and ensure moderate republicanism is nothing but a pose not a principled stance.

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