Monday, August 29, 2016

Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Lethiathan

has been holding rallies in NH and in Boston over the weekend. Clearly they are on the prowl for disaffected conservative voters to grab off from Donald Trump and I wish them the joy of their prowlings.
Ever taken a look at the 2016 Libertarian Platform, the Preamble and the Statement of Principles are both vastly longer than the total verbiage given over to National Defense/Foreign Policy.  Their whole program comes down to "defending the homeland", "avoiding entangling alliances" and opposition to selective service.
Two out of three straight out of HenryWallace's 1948 Progressive Crusade...not bad...I'm curious though is Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld aware that his party apparently plans to disband NATO once they get into office?
Or does he even care anymore?

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