Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Paul LePage the nominal Governor of Maine

has been reduced to screeching threats into the phonemail of a democratic legislator who'd earned his considerable ire.
Y'know, in pro wrestling patois, LePage is a jobber, a dumbass sap who loses matches for short money, cuz his latest outburst in all its vulgar impotent fury was prized audio on the national news not even 72 hours later.
Yes Paul LePage's behavior is reprehensible (my white haired ninety three year old mother suspects alcohol abuse is in play here, she may be right), but he can't back up any of his threats at this point who the hell is he kidding?
Huey Long when he was the tyrant-governor of Louisiana, made threats ten times as scary but the crucial difference is the Late Kingfisher could back it all up with bayonets and more.
So LePage is, by definition an embarrassment to the State of Maine, most especially to the roughly sixty six percent of the state that did not vote for his @ss, but being obnoxious and crude is not an impeachable offense. So in turn, getting LePage to resign requires a sense of shame that his career to date indicates he does not good luck making that happen.

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