Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olympiad Advice....

I "dabble" in the Olympics lurching from the stuff that gets hyped (ergo "Women's Gymnastics") to competitions where it's easy to tell who the heck won (ergo swimming)...I run the gamut from idly curious to decorously patriotic.

But Holy God Almighty, the sports commentary on NBC is uniformly awful, bumptious, inane and plain dopey!
I think a lot of these guys are used to the professional basketball, baseball, football, hockey axis in the USA so anything off grid like Beach Volleyball or Bicycle Racing or whatnot tends to defeat them.
Which is sad because sometimes its these fringe sports than attract the true and for real "Committed and Talented Amateur" who one and all try harder because the weight of expectations is paradoxically off them as their chosen sport has a small audience.
Anyhow just turn the sound off I say, I mean if you need commentary to figure out who one a track meet then it might be time to take up knitting or solitaire.

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