Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has come out against

taking the cap off Charter Schools via ballot question this Fall.
Ah'm agin' it I realize there is a worthwhile debate to be had about the intrinsic worth of charter schools but as it stands now the local school committees and thus property owners pay for the brunt of said charter schools sans any real oversight all on behalf of some four percent of the "pupil population" of the Commonwealth.
If we take the cap off charter schools the locals become burdened by expensive exclusive schools literally leaving the special needs kids and disciplinary cases to the "regular public schools". This is to me a hateful passive aggressive formula for creating the short of elite-driven school system they have in Japan or the UK by financial fiat sans debate.
I'm willing to discuss raising the charter school cap but only if the Commonwealth comes clean and offers a financial solution that does NOT burden localities, but then this is Massachusetts so that ain't happening believe me.

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