Wednesday, August 17, 2016

There is a sturdy meme going around out there...

to the effect that Hillary Clinton is getting "lucky" in that Donald Trump is about the only republican She could have beat this year.
Waaal, I dunno about that, I suspect that she and her redoubtable husband the ex-president were eagerly hoping to run against some premature geezer like Jeb Bush (like they don't know how to beat a Bush in a general election....) or a twitchy ideologue like Ted Cruz.
But she got Trump so be it.
Normally I jump ugly on said notion at this point in said blog post...but for once lemme opt for a tincture of empathy. A LOT of the people espousing said meme are themselves republicans who cannot vote for Donald Trump with any kind of a clear conscience. So if they are bolting the party they have to console themselves with some scenario, because lord knows voting for Hillary (even staying home or taking a libertarian ballot) is a traumatic prospect for today's republican. Keep in mind they've been demonizing and or fundraising off of her name for Twenty Five Years Now....the irony of Hillary Clinton being Senator McConnell/Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan/The Bush Family's last best hope of rescuing the GOP must be bitter indeed.

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