Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jeff Jacoby...

Opined in the Globe this week that overpopulation was a good thing since a toxi birthrate meant a growing economy.
And I offer this up merely as an excellent illustration of the sort of utter rubbish a wingnut must vigorously spout in the public prints in order just to KEEP UP with the pace of intellectual decline in movement conservatism.
What next? Carbon monoxide is somehow good for you? Tobacco makes you healthy? Cancer has an upside?
To be a US Conservative these days, given the degraded nature of their political and intellectual leadership, you have to "choose delusion". Alas though, once you choose delusion you have to keep going deeper into it until you literally retreat into stupidity.
And thats the cut and dried of it here, Jeff can't handle reality so he chooses stupidity...look for more of it, this is an election year after all.

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