Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Huma Ankles The Joint...

Word comes down that Huma Abedin must put upon wife of Anthony Wiener, has finally pulled the plug on a marriage marred by sexting shenanigans on the part of her useless soon to be ex husband.
I wasn't shock that Anthony backslid on her (he has that blank baffled look common of serial marital trepassers he understands nothing), no I was shocked Huma was still married to him!  I mean the dope embarrassed her twice in front of the whole world and still she stuck by him.
I hate to say it but I blame Huma's pal, Hillary Clinton, the noted feminist is paradoxically the poster gal for "stand by yer man" rectitude....Ms Abedin probably was feeling some peer pressure.
Frankly she is better off without the dope and shoulda ditched his boney ass years ago....

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