Wednesday, August 24, 2016

They are getting ready to Tear Down

"Lanes and Games" (AKA "The Turnpike Bowl-A-Drom") and replace with multistory residential complexes, tidily built on stilts to resist the local flood plane. Awful news as far as Humble Elias is concerned, North Cambridge used to be a Blue Collar Redoubt in Greater Cambridge but the forces of gentrification cannot ever be denied for long.
I went to a Parochial High School in North Cambridge back in the 1970's and I can recall dire and entirely prophetic warnings that if the Red Line Extension went thru to Alewife Gentrification would arrive on the First Train.
And so it did, and haven for lower level civil servants, store owners and retirees is now to become barracks for aspirational millenials.
Sad to say nothing of the loss of one of Boston's Last Remaining Fully Functioning Bowling Alleys....another avocation that has gone the way of hula hoops, VHS rentals and penmanship.

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