Saturday, August 06, 2016

Senator Kelly Ayotte is allegedly

down a full ten points in New Hampshire mostly on the toxic downticket effect of Donald Trump...
Kelly's response is classic a quadrennial love for seniors, law enforcement and veterans...all of it more than a little forced and artificial.
Kelly's been in the majority for her entire term of office and yet New Hampshire still lacks a VA Hospital despite being a steady contributor to the ranks of combat veterans, for all manner of services vet must literally take a bus to Jamaica Plain.
If I was Kelly Ayotte I'd be campaigning 24 - 7 for such a facility but no....she's been too busy polishing Mitt Romney's black Oxford's to move the ball forward.
Numbers as cited above are likely what is fueling the GOP's current panic attack about their nominee...its one thing to nominate a thin skinned narcissist for President, but if he starts ending people's phony-baloney jobs then it's Katey-Bar-The Door!

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