Monday, September 26, 2016

According to current polling

Charlie Baker remains The Most Popular Governor In The Known Galaxy with something akin to a seventy percent approval rating despite a year given over to dodging Donald Trump, unsuccessfully selling off the State House Lawn and hyping Charter Schools.
It's a pretty underwhelming record of achievement to be sure, but combined with Charlie's Coolidgean gift for silence it's put him top o' th' pops.
But boy howdy he still loves Patronage Doesn't He? He appointed his driver one James McGinn the head of the State's Environmental Police Force.
Geez what is it about these republicans and their drivers they must really bond as they go from town to town haranguing the masses or whatever it is Charlie does when he is out and about. Remember Joe Lawless he was Cellucci's driver and he landed an infamously Cush gig at Massport back in the day, seems like a pattern is emerging here. I mean, just drive for the winning candidate and you can pick your spot so it seems.
We can't proof the whole of the bureaucracy from ambitious chauffeurs , but maybe we can make that job a civil service position or something. Assign drivers to the candidates who can't lobby for soft touch jobs or something....

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