Friday, September 23, 2016

Thoughts While Waiting for My Computer to Boot Up

Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President of the USA and a Dallas Cop during his half assed getaway....and still he got Taken Alive.

James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King and lived to die in bed, in prison.

Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK in a crowded kitchen, in the presence of the LAPD, and got taken alive.

Squeaky Frome tried to shoot President Gerald Ford, and was captured arrested tried and shipped off to a Nut House.

Ditto Sarah Jane Moore.

And John Hinkley.

All of these people were armed and dangerous with very serious crimes to answer for, nobody pulled them over in traffic and saw something they didn't like....but they all lived to sit before a Judge and Jury.

But then

Almost all of them were white....I mean that's the big takeaway as we go thru another spasm of Police African-American Shootings.  Just sayin'.....I mean look at the big picture here.

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