Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We can but hope....

That last night's presidential debate represents Donald Trump's Waterloo....Citizen Clinton passed thru the usual cataract of vituperation unscathed, giving as good as she got....hell around the 10:15pm she started smiling like the whole damn thing was somehow gun as Trump ranted and raved like Captain Queeg.

It was a demented performance and more worrisome an utterly barbaric one.

AND THAT is my big takeaway from last night, that Donald Trump is literally campaigning to be PostApocalyptic King of the Rubble....in other words his every word and phrase last night came from a firm belief that "Might is Right".
That...is the core doctrine of barbarians from Genghis Khan to Pol Pot, and the fact that it could be the very core of anyone's Presidential Campaign is a good sign that the cause of civilization is in deep  trouble in the USA.
If Abraham Lincoln asserted that the Union cannot endure "Half Slave and Half Free" so too it may not endure if it is "Half Barbaric and Half Civilized".
That Citizen Clinton comported herself with brains, wit and ability last night is a given, but the overall cause of Civilization took a bad hit last night.....so did decency, civility, restraint and all the like.
I enter the middle of my fifth decade on Earth worried that there are fellow citizens out there, so mad with fear and setback that they are prepared to secede from common sense itself....And. Trump I fear is the leading edge of a much worse phenomenon going forward.

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