Monday, September 19, 2016

Fox News....

gave serial sexual harasser, Roger Ailes a forty million dollar "golden parachute" before gently ushering him out the door.
The irony here is, Fox News is a notoriously conservative news outlet that remains a premiere platform for family values mongers and the like.
Now, I may be All Stupid Like....(to quote Alexei Sayle) but I think, chasing leggy on air talent around your desk like you are Jim Backus in a bad 1950's sitcom, is probably NOT embodying "traditional family values".
And yet, Ailes went on disporting himself in this lewd manner for years so we are told, until a few on air personalities finally took their complaints public.
So clearly one can create and administer a "Family Values News Platform" without any need to live up to said value structure.
Because it seems to be philosophy 101 that its a zero-sum game when it comes to family values versus cannot embrace both concepts sans intellectual dishonesty and immediate cognitive dissonance.
Or can you?
Both stances frankly reinforce patriarchy and gender exclusion....philandering is the operational result of such attitudes, "family values" their totemization.
You can do this only by paying a high tax to the virtue mongering notions of family values, but horny conservatives like Roger Ailes are clearly willing to pay up.
So as long as patriarchy is reinforced and celebrated which is nothing but a nostalgic gender power relationship, both concepts can be "administratively reconciled" even if they are mutually exclusive on paper.
Well in the end this is about power where great power is concentrated there ought to be the maximum feasible transparency. Forty Million Large though, does a beautiful job of obscuring the above cited contradictions & practical compromises.

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