Thursday, September 08, 2016

Your Humble Blogger

(seemingly the last of the Single Combat Political Bloggers) was voter# 5 in his precinct this morning, and he hardly made an early start of it either.
So its gonna be a low turnout primary, which is a shame because either we have good nominees in need of support or else we need to take a second look at some office holders.
In the Governor's Council, a Superfluous Institution is home to an entirely Superfluous Personality,

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney - District 3, is well worth dismissing from office, someone needs to tell her that lobbying local democrats doesn't start with passing out poorly xeroxed copies of Howie Carr's column.  I voted for Bill Humphrey which was mostly a vote against twitchy weirdness.

On the other hand I voted for Middlesex County's Incumbent Sheriff, Peter Koutoujian (sp), he seems able well informed and realistic I don't know why he rates a primary challenge so far he has done a good job and remains "a comer" as my white haired mother would say.

Buuuut lets face it, low turnouts favor incumbents so I'm hardly able to predict that my vote today is prophesy in the making.

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