Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just remember at the end of the day, The Ayatollah Khomeini voted for Ronald Reagan

because he was hell bent on humbling Jimmy Carter and wished to derail the peace process in the Middle East. So he delayed the release of the hostages, gave Reagan some undeserved hero cred on Inauguration Day 1980 and hoped for the sort of chaos that all incendiaries dream of, every night.
So in the current bombing campaign, ISIS is clearly "voting with their bombs" for Donald Trump.....because true incendiaries always can spot one another a mile away it seems.
So lets not fall into the rhetorical trap of defending a fraught status quo...and we need to make the argument (however fine) that there is a clear and preferable difference between the current danger and  Trump's promise of Virile Anarchy.
And whatever else don't let the bastards see ya sweat.

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