Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Only Takeaway I get from

from Donald Trump's visit with the President of Mexico is that the people of that Redoubtable Nation got a preview of the sort of malevolent boorishness they can expect from the GOP Candidate should he win in November.
Not even twelve hours after cooing unconvincingly with Nieto, Trump was in Arizona screaming for Blood Dynamite, Ethno-Purges and a Wall Built Up to Heaven.
So much for a pivot to moderation....
Reams of copy will be eructated by Columnistas trying to figure out what it all means, but I take Joshua Marshall's view in that Donald Trump is a stupid berserker who makes decisions associated with stupid berserkerdom. Rationality doesn't enter into it at any point, true north points directly to "DUMB & ANGRY" and thass it.
There is nothing to analyze there is no subtext or strategy here....and thats the scariest part of all this.

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