Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kudos to Senator Warren

or taking Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf to the woodshed over that bank's abominable practice of forcing unwanted accounts and policies on unsuspecting clients.
This is outright economic piracy more akin to the financial practices of a Somali Warlord than anything a well run democracy should tolerate.
Yet without concerted congressional action we can expect more of these scandals, right down to the denunciations before congress, and then the miscreants duly retire with their golden parachutes & defy the world.
Too Big to Fail doesn't Mean Too Big to Bust Up.
A touch of the congressional vertical stroke is needed here, but until there is a majority in congress working on behalf of the average person we can look forward to more and more of this outright thievery.
So before we can clean out the banks, we need to clean out Dixie's Rotten Boroughs....GOP Bustin' then TrustBusting....

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