Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last Week....

Jeff Jacoby insisted that overpopulation was a good thing, this week he swings his rhetorical baseball bat at the head of the head of that pesky popular franchise.
His argument low engagement voters shouldn't vote,  declining to vote is a defacto endorsement of the status quo so by staying home, non-voters are somehow being...patriotic.
This is in the face of strong polling that indicate a great deal of dissatisfaction with the status quo along gender, age and SES lines....per Jeff Jacoby though I guess none of this is fixed

Well as a theory this does some merit (regardless of my criticism), but in practice low turnout and mass electoral disaffection routinely helps conservatives hang on to power in the face of the toxic effects of their in the end this is another one of Jeff's sneaky passive aggressive arguments for the fast decaying wingnut eschaton.

Speaking of the HELL does Mitt Romney's bootblack Eric Fehnstrom get a cush gig doing election commentary on the Globe's Editorial Page?? I don't see John E. Walsh getting any counterpoint space....
The Globe has this endless false consciousness liberal guilt trip, they feel obligated to give up space for outright GOP political hacks masquerading as pundits.
Its bad journalism....worse in an election year.....but then this is the Boston Globe institutionally its got a liberal outlook but operationally they haven't got a single liberal columnist worth two cents on the market.
If they really want a conservative voice then ditch that wingnut jobber Fehnstrom and hire someone with real journalistic cred, at least then standards would go up...but then this is the Globe and all us readers can do is sigh and go "tut tut..."

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