Wednesday, October 26, 2016

As I predicted

Bill Weld has thrown in the towel on his fling with the Libertarian Party obliquely urging his constituents not to vote for someone on the basis of their entertainment value. A Dig at Trump yes, but pretty much a epitaph for the appalling ignorant and maladriot Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson.
Basically Johnson is a dumber less belligerent version of Donald Trump if such a thing can be imagined.
Weld's downfall is that he is a Boomer's Boomer at the end of the day, he lets his whims and his easily bored nature make critical decisions for him. Its why he ran for the US Senate, Left the Governorship and ran for Veep as a Libertarian. These were all bad decisions and they were taken for very frivolous reasons every time.
His natural constituents are his fellow boomers people who deeply covet Weld's vices....and at the end of the day his vices have undone Bill Weld yet again.  Except now he doesn't even have a party platform anymore he's deserted the GOP the Libertarians are a spent electoral force....but beware his whims all the same he might become a democrat. THAT is good reason alone to keep the door locked and barred!!

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