Friday, October 14, 2016

Tons of News

All of it though mystically the same....the news cycle is stuck on a repeat loop.

Every day the GOP Candidates educates a new "Tantrump" and wallows in bellicose nonsense and self pity while the GOP just tries it best to avoid what is the world's first NSFW republican presidential contender.

Meanwhile here in Massachusetts funny money floods the airwaves on behalf of abolishing the charter school cap, whether  the ballot measure passes or not, funny money will become the New Normal in Massachusetts Politics.

And up in NH the Presidential Campaign replicates itself in miniature in what is, up to now, a tight tight race.  Boston's TV stations are making a fortune running those goddawful adverts on behalf of Trump, Ayotte and bellicose bloated Frank's no fun to be perceived as a swing state is it?

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