Thursday, October 13, 2016

The GOP Base is Living It's Own Nightmare

Normally the hardcore of the GOP Base is compelled to "Make a Bad Deal for Short Money" during a Presidential Election. This is how a gender/ethnic/theological exclusionist electoral cohort has to come around to vote for a more outwardly moderate candidate like George Bush Jr, John McCain or Mitt Romney.
Normally the rejectionists don't have the numbers or the money to dictate a "sugar high candidate" entirely to their satisfaction. This is nothing new, it's coalition politics and it's been par for the course since Thomas Jefferson was branding John Adams a Kulak Landlord.
But in Donald Trump the GOP Base has At Last the Very Embodiment of Their Iron Dream....Christian politics, oppressive gender norms, ethnic exclusion etc etc....the whole menu in one enormous serving.  So of course it's just hilarious that at the end of the day they've traded making a bad deal with a goo-goo squish like Mitt Romney for an even worse deal with an unelectable perv who hasn't the religious sensibility God Gave a Cotton Poodle.
And the lesson here is, to get their sacred agenda broken over the head of the republic, ideologically colonized voters will vote for almost anyone down to the aforementioned cotton poodle as long as their candidate doesn't deviate.
So literally, deviation is the only real sin, not philandering, sexual assault or borrowing mad path cashola from dubious Russian Oligarchs.
Remember that as we go forward here....

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