Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Your Two Minutes are Up"

I hate it when I am right sometimes...because as predicted last night's debate was a rock bottom experience in every way including the mere existence of Our Constitution has become an irritant to a would be demagogue.
On the other hand THAT demagogue is Donald Trump who clearly hasn't got the common sense Ghod gave a bag of hammers.
In a word a degrading spectacle, I could tell Citizen Clinton was getting visibly bored by Donald Trump's weird pidgin English and mind numbingly repetitive lexicon of threats.
I give the Lady Credit, she kept her cool for the most part as her opponent angrily dismissed those cozy constitutional notions of legitimacy & the orderly transfer of power.
Trump on the other hand fumed for ninety minutes snarled and harassed and accomplished nothing, I suspect this is what he does when he is baffled by events that run outside his control.
I struggle with the right literary metaphor for Donald Trump, the line of least resistance suggests Willie Stark or perhaps Buzz Windrip Sinclair Lewis' dictator from "It Can't Happen Here".
But last night was a veritable "primal scream" pathetically desperate to confront and affront...suggests Performance Art, less Yoko Ono and much more Andy Kaufman perhaps.
Kaufman & Trump share a similar disconnect, Andy thought he was being funny (even when he was being willfully weird and obscure) and Donald thinks last night's prolonged tirade was a species of persuasion.
Kaufman had a character he loved playing, an temperamental lounge singer "Tony Clifton" whose whole stage act would degenerate into insulting and baiting his audience with a abandon that would give Don Rickles' pause.  At this point Tony could well be a sort of grim prophecy of Donald Trump....if any of you have a better metaphor feel free to share, I for one still feel dirty from last night and need a shower.

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