Monday, October 03, 2016

How The Hell Does Anyone...

Lose a Capital-B Billion Dollars on a Casino Deal?


The only people who ever lost money on a casino were either twitchy weird like Howard Hughes or the Toxically Inept say....Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.
Trump however lost a billion in Atlantic City on his famed Casino and rolled the loss over into what is likely a twenty one year long exemption from income taxes.
Seldom has ineptitude and hubris been so lucratively rewarded....otherwise there isn't a shred of "business acumen" in this sordid story, the right lawyers and CPOs worked overtime and BOOM the debt disintegrated and entirely to Trump's advantage.

This is not "smarts" to paraphrase, Citizen is a logical consequence of thirty six years of wealth worship within and without the public sector in the USA. If you can hire enough attorneys you can skate past any malign consequences in this country THAT is the lesson here.
Our laws and our mores currently favor financials and financial speculation, they set few limits and  those are routinely ignored.
Maybe Donald Trump might've been held accountable IF we had real equality before the law, if the tax burden was truly fairly apportioned and if if if the system couldn't be gamed....but it can and so Trump lives to smirk another day.

There is an opportunity here for the democrats and sundry independents, but they must be bold and draw a line...debt has to mean the same thing for rich as it does for the poor is a very good start as far as I am concerned.

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