Monday, October 17, 2016

There is wild talk out there

of post election violence and or insurrection should Citizen Clinton Clear the Boards on Election Night.
I'm skeptical quite frankly.
I don't see Donald Trump as a sufficiently motivated and ruthless revolutionary leader to attempt such a foolish thing.  I for one believe that at a lot of his alt right rhetoric is cynical dabbling on his part but in some ways that's a more dangerous path.
Moreover I suspect Trump just doesn't have the guts to see something like that through to it's natural conclusion, billionaires have "way too much to lose" when push comes to shove.
His base simply isn't organized for insurrection anyway blustery threats aside.....
Occam's Razor however suggests that Trump will simply go on inciting others to violence sometimes casually and sometimes quite deliberately just to see how far he can push things.
And yes that is a bad precedent to set in every way.

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