Saturday, October 08, 2016

Kelly Ayotte had to....

walk back comments to the effect that Donald Trump was a "Role Model" for her children in the wake of these comments from the GOP Nominee.
Ayotte just has the worst luck imaginable in politics, she marked out hard for Romney in 2012 and was largely relegated to the role of warm up act for the Former Viceroy, her dreamy dreams of a cush VP nomination on a ticket with Bush or Cruz or Rubio this year got "Trumped" she has a nominee who hates her, one she can't really endorse or denounce...bad karma indeed.
And yet she is up in the polls in her Senate Race, mostly due to those vicious lying commercials she deployed wherein Ayotte claims she is working hard on behalf of every junkie in the Granite State.
Ah but phony moderates always prosper don't they?

Polls are tight up there but that is an October Phenom common to every Presidential Election Year in NH...The Spartans are up there in force and ground game still counts for something in NH. So stay frosty one and all...

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