Sunday, October 30, 2016

Charlie Piles In...

Governor Baker finally put some skin in the game this week appearing in a "Yes on Question Two" TV Commercial, charter schools are pretty much his sole Big Political Project this year.  It'd be precious and lovely if Q2 went down to defeat, it's faddish education policy (which is always a bad thing) and a No Vote might put a little dent in Mister Seventy Percent's shiny chrome ass.
Alas though, the Globe endorsed "Yes on Question Two" today, but then Morrissey Boulevard has never been immune to the lure of trendy utopian educational schemes. Last time I checked, Q2 was trending towards No these developments might move the needle in the opposite direction.
By the way those "No On Question Four" commercials are uniformly appalling and reprehensible a new low in Massachusetts Politics and that is saying something. I'm no great fan of pot smoking but we've been locking up potheads with extreme prejudice for decades and none of it has damaged marijuana's appeal in the slightest. Maybe a regulatory approach is the answer....and if we pick up a few sin tax shekels in the process so much the better.
And while we are on the subject, why is Donald Trump buying adverts in the Boston Market? He has a better chance of carrying The Tenth Circle of Hell at this point, the short answer seems to indicate he wants some penetration in New Hampshire...but then again he is down ten points there the last time anyone checked.  Maybe he is hoping for a slender loss something he can spin into a recount lawsuit but Occam's Razor suggests sheer spite might be the real reason at the end of the day.
Kelly Ayotte who has been on or off the Trump bandwagon all year long must be tearing her hair out about this play by the GOP nominee.

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