Friday, October 21, 2016

Ya Know....

The Bar is Set Pretty Low at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner....groaners so straight out of Amateur Night in Dixie are greeted as the Very Font of Comedy by all concerned.
Hell, Mike Dukakis KILLED at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in 1988....a man with all the mirthmaking potential of a Bag of Hammers!
So of course Yesterday, Trump STILL goes completely berserk and collects a lusty chorus of boos as he staggered thru a graceless stack of insults in the course of said event.
At this point I would be profoundly embarrassed to have a graceless lack witted oaf like Donald Trump as my Nation's Tyrant!! The guy is literally a comedy killer a mirthless psychic arsonist.
So I am taking this opportunity in this increasingly obscure reach of the internet to Loudly Endorse Hillary Clinton for President....because at the end of the day At Least She Knows How to Laugh....because humor to her is something else other than the malign goadings of psychological goblins.
Dear Ghos if you can't get thru the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner without triggering revulsion and disgust...its' time to board up shop and decamp for a cave somewhere.


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