Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Real Howler in the Globe Today

For the First Time Ever, Joanie Vennochi has nothing but nice things to say about Hillary Clinton because the Former Secretary of State has decided to "be a good sport" and attend Trump's inaugural tomorrow. Ms Clinton likely thought it was a Wake She Could Not Skip....regardless of the petty humiliations Team Trump has waiting for her no doubt.
Joanie goes on to snark at Rep's Capuano & Clark who have declined that selfsame attendance...I myself hold no one here to to any fixed standard that is what the enemy expects me to do so thats out First Thing.
No...the rules have been shredded and everyone is gonna have to find new rules to both live and fight by, and I have a feeling that "Being a Good Sport" is as Dead as Free Silver as of Noon Tomorrow no matter how much Joanie Vennochi longs for the antique political mores of Saint Ronald Reagan.

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