Monday, January 23, 2017

Meanwhile in Moscow

Donal Trump's real constituents are in the process of decriminalizing wife beating & child abuse. Apparently Putin wants to make it legal okey dokey to beat one's wife with fists and or inflict a prolonged spanking on a helpless child.
As Orwell has pointed out authoritarians are always truly hypocritical when it comes to moral issues, they are almost always perverts or some type or another with a pronounced preference for reinforcing ugly patriarchical mores.
Pretty shameless I know but keep in mind, you can't "shame the shameless" you have to beat them in open political combat. They have a kind of "moral autism" that prevents them from feeling any guilt about their own unpleasant opinions and actions....they cannot be taught they must be overcome.
Such is the case in Moscow and on the Potomac....

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