Monday, January 09, 2017

Am I to Understand that the

"Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter, one Esteban Santiago was able to ship his 9mm pistol in a locked case in his checked luggage sans ANY demure from the TSA?
Susbsequently as you all know, he simply adjourned to a rest room loaded his pistol and began a short but murderous shooting spree.
Legally and fully compliant with the goddamn rules!!!
I think we seriously need to think about disbanding the TSA and declaring a state of "functional anarchy" in the air....everyone is encouraged to crade their M-1 Garand Carbines and Cherished Flamethrowers in Business Class!
We are the victims of a social engineering conundrum, "An Armed Society" was supposed to protect us all from these sorts of tragedies...instead said Armed Society has ENABLED random violence!
 Shit it is this very "Armed Society" from which we all need protection!!!
Seriously the next step is outright insurrection, we've armed ourselves so thoroughly that recourse to it, for whatever reason has become logical and....easy.

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