Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So now Trump claims NATO is obsolete

or whatever the tweeted pejorative was, this doesn't surprise me though I've been waiting for the NATO combat boot to drop since election night.  Words fail me as to what a bad idea this is, and how much undeserved leverage this grants Vladimir Putin even before Trump is sworn in.
I dunno if Trump is a Russian Asset or pursuing a Weird Utopian "Nativist Power Bloc" Agenda, I am however pretty clear that without NATO strong & united the peace of the world is very much imperilled.
It means over the short term that the Baltic States & Poland are being offered up to Moscow (we are appeasing a third tier economy whose GDP 's rivals....Italy and yes that rankles) which puts Germany in an exposed position militarily and otherwise.
What people forget is the NATO (and its now defunct foe the Warsaw Pact) were defacto non-proliferation guarantors....both alliances were backed up by the nuclear umbrella of their bipolar sponsor, thus paradoxically allowing most of the member states to be non-nuclear actors.
If NATO goes for the terminal dirt nap how long before Berlin withdraws from the NPT and deploys its own nuclear detterent? Indeed sans NATO protection what choice would they have other than going Hat in Hand to Moscow?
And if this is the plan for whatever reason we have to be very very certain that their are irremedial political consequences for anyone who backs such a dangerous shameful plan here at home.

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