Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Someone needs to send a Doctor up to the Corner Office

Of the State House, based on last night's State of the State Speech, Charlie Baker has a bad case of Aphasia.
He cannot for the life of him pronounce the Proper Noun "Trump" to say nothing of the phrases "Charter Schools" or "Legalized Marijuana", all words & phrases that symbolize significant setbacks for "Governor Fifty Nine Percent".
So maybe we should send a good psychiatrist...
That speech was otherwise hilarious in that Baker tried suddenly to pose as the best pal ever of public schools having spent millions last Fall in phunny money to trying sell off the classrooms of the state to McDonalds.
For that fact, is Charlie ever gonna follow up on his promise to enact campaign finance reform in this state? Likely not since it would give the Lege an opening (if they were so inclined and that be an iffy thing) to close off the wellsprings of that out of state phunny in sum More Aphasia from the Governor.
BTW I read the speech I didn't see it broadcast It must've been gangbusters live because as text its the dreariest collection of bullet points punctuated by robotic shout outs to various special guests in the aud. An AI audio program could've read it.....

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