Thursday, January 26, 2017

Current estimates are

That Trump's Wall of Shame that is supposed to secure the southern border of the USA from Martians, Jesuits and SqueeGeeMen...will cost the US TaxPayer 25 billion dollars. Shit it cost less to put Neil & Buzz on the Goddamn Moon!

Ah but this is money and sometimes you can't put a dollar cost on sheer malevolent delusion.

Meanwhile I'm guessing the ACA will be gone by July 4th of this year, irregardless of the maundering qualms of the John McCains in the US Senate.  So given that, what is next?
What Is To Be Done"
If ACA goes down then screw it I'm coming out banging the pots for a British Style Single Payer Healthcare System its the only fair and sustainable solution. I mean we tried letting the free market run healthcare and it was ab abject 200 year long failure, we tried the public-private option...I say we Go For the Gold.
I think a temp with 100k in school debt and a degree in accounting deserves at least a healthcare system as good as what keeps Mitch McConnell's Black Little Heart Beating.

And while we are on the subject of the loss of buying power among the US Working CLass lets admit if all those "tombstone" factories are gonna reopen at Trump's fiat they'll assuredly be monuments to automation, non unionized and "administered" by a staff of technicians.  The living way wrought out of an assembly line is as gone as the Spectre of Big Labor or Military Dirigibles. One thing we can do is scrap the entire welfare and unemployment system and replace it with a simple minimum basic

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