Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let the record show that when the Women's March

Hit Boston Common Saturday, Our Illustrious Governor metaphorically hid under his desk by decamping to the Mass Municipal Association's Comfab in South Boston an obligation whose importance rivals cutting a ribbon at the Boat Show.
So far as I can tell (feel free to contradict) His Excellency declined to send any official representation to said March at all.  
The problem here is one of leadership, its no longer adequate for a Governor of Massachusetts to demonstrate he or she can "ride herd" on the Legislature, its a question of Who is Gonna Stand Up to Donald Trump?
It sure as shit isn't Charlie Baker who has engaged three shifts of contractors to rebuild the bridges he loudly burned to Team Trump back in July.
Craven....Utterly Craven.
Oh and there is poll out there indicating that Baker's popularity is still higher than Elizabeth Warren's but there is a streak of false consciousness there in that Baker's overall score has dropped to fifty nine percent from a stratsospheric score of seventy percent. And trust me, he is not taking a header into the 2018 Senatorial Race he'd have to start over fundraising with no obvious successor to slot into the Governor's contest...besides those desks in the US Senate are TINY a big feckless galoot like Charlie Baker would never fit under one of them.

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