Friday, January 06, 2017

Sheriff Hodgson down in Bristol County

Has helpfully offered his entire prison population to the National Government to act as a work force when Trump's wall goes up on the Mexican Border.
This is the same wall, that Trump still insists is gonna be paid for by Mexico and apparently built by every deadbeat dad, speeding ticket evader, drunk driver, meth head and junkie in Bristol County.
Well there is a precedent for this idiotic idea, but you have to go back to the Old Testament and Hebrew Slaves building the Pyramids to find it....
Labor Camps are a Vile Foreign Innovation, but Never Forget Stupid Ideas Loudly Promulgated Are As American As Apple Pie, and if I was a Deadbeat Dad in Bristol County I'd get paid up quick, because dumber policies than this have been read into law Believe Me.

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