Thursday, January 12, 2017

Captive Nations Day Ver 2.0

Rex Tillerson didn't disperse many doubts yesterday during his confirmation hearings, he came off as clueless and a little overwhelmed. Despite some very polite truculent noises abour the Russians he ended up getting schooled well and thoroughly by Marco Rubio the biggest Jobber in the US Senate.
I'll grant Tillerson means well, I doubt he is a utopian of any type if anything he seems like a likely realist (but then there are few true idealists at Foggy Bottom the Last One to Serve as Secretary of State would be William Jennings Bryan)....but he seems inhibited and underqualified. I took grim amusement in Tillerson's fastidious refusal to identify Putin as a War Criminal, it reminded me of all those shrieking posts on Facebook about Hillary Clinton eschewing the term "Islamic Terrorism".
I want to believe the best from Rex Tillerson he did after all take the BSA in hand and lead it into the 21st century on gender issues, but I think he radically underestimating just what we are letting Putin get away with, indeed the very topic seems toxic in extremis for Team Trump...which only inflames suspicions in turn.
And what kills me, these jobbers are giving the store away to Vladimir Putin who pretty much presides of a GDP the size of Italy whose main exports are ammunition, oil & mischief.
THAT is simply embarrassing....
At the end of the day, it comes down to this, either Trump et al are simply childishly naive about Putin and his intentions and will shortly be painfully shorn of those idealistic notions or else they are one and all STUPID enough to believe they may achieve power in the USA with the active backing of a foreign tyrant sans consequence.

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