Tuesday, March 27, 2018


We got some State Police Offices posted to Logan Airport, who are collecting roughly double the Governor's take home pay thanks to untracked and seemingly unlimited overtime.
It seems like every three years or so, we have yet another public sector payroll scandal in the Commonwealth, this time its the State Police, but it does seem to monotonously cycle thru all the departments sooner or later.
This is where I normally wallow in the "sarcastic rant driven chatter" but for once lemme step back and try to describe the Big Picture.
Thanks to the fact that it's the State Police, literally both political parties are uniquely disincentivized from taking quick decision action or even executing due diligence/oversight.
The GOP does not ever want to appear to be "anti-cop" as over the last two generations they've totemized the "Sacred Lawman" to a degree that makes Jesus Christ look like a porch climber.
Now with the democrats, matters are equally complicated, regardless of the low regard most police leadership have for the democratic party, few individual democrats want to be percieved as being "anti public sector union".
Hence the wide open state of affairs at Logan, now already, on the basis of some timely Boston Globe. Reportage, the Governor is bleating away heroically, but for once if stern messages be taken there is gonna need to be some (deep breath now) "Bipartisanship".  Lets not get this one wrong...it counts.

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