Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Boston Globe

Has a brief overview of the career of Civil War Union General Joseph Hooker (his statue stands guard over the south entrance to the State House, JFK anchors the north, neither man served in the legislature BTW) in light of a current controversy over the General's somewhat unfortunate last name.
Alas it is true, that "Fightin' Joe" having loudly promised Lincoln victory on the battlefield got his ass whipped thoroughly by Robert E. Lee at Chancellorsville.  Abe Lincoln shrugged and relieved Hooker of his command and sent him West to serve under Ulysses Grant.  What the Globe conveniently leaves out is that at Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, Hooker neatly redeemed himself forcing the confederates into a route and saving the Union's besieged forces in Chattanooga.  He was after all "Fightin' Joe Hooker" and likely was looking for a rematch in Tennessee however much we may snicker at his last name today.  I like to think that mounted statue in front of the State House is in honor of someone who tried-failed and by Ghod, Tried Again....and I think thats a good message to send to everyone who enters the Massachusetts State House.

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