Saturday, March 10, 2018

If Don meets Kim...

The President with his usual heedless abandon agreed to a "Summit" with North Korea's tyrant godling Kim Jong Un sometime in May. Allegedly, the subject of the negotiations will be denuclearizing North Korea as well as mothballing her ballistic missile inventory...thats what Trump thinks is gonna happen but the best I can determine, NK asked for a summit (semi politely) the way they've been asking for decades and Trump like a damn fool said yes without a single concession in return.
"The Art of the Deal" indeed.
Likely Trump will back out of it citing NK's continued belligerent behavior, just as likely Trump made this decision sans any input from Secretary Tillerson or The Pentagon so with any luck it'll end up like his plan to arm the math teachers & home economics instructors.
Which is a good thing, because Trump is so easily distracted and confused he'll be basically prey for a character like Kim who will derive immense diplomatic benefits whether the summit comes off or not.
For one thing it tags in Putin who'd love to play the arbiter on the Korean Peninsula, and it validates Moscow's duplicitous approach to sanctions, it also allow Peking to take a step back and let Trump fall flat on his face...which he will.
In sum we lose prestige and diplomatic maneuvering room whilst our rivals and opponents reap a rich  harvest of the same.
I say Kim has basically figured Donald Trump out...lets hope Secretary Tillerson (or someone Eric even) can put the kibosh on this one, we've already suffered enough damage from this meshugginah summit conference palaver.

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