Saturday, March 24, 2018

There is a shit ton of fear and panic out there

About John Bolton's appointment as National Security Advisor to the President...and in truth, there is a lot there to panic about if you care to do even superficial digging.  He is after all, a very well educated simple minded man who regards intervention as the answer to everything, the man's military belligerence is legendary going back over twenty years. On the face of it, I'd say his appointment casts a deep shadow on the outcome of the talks with North Korea, which where already unlikely to produce anything of value given Trump's heavy commitment.
On the other hand, Bolton has made hundreds and hundreds of enemies from within and without the GOP down thru the years, like Trump, he is loud & truculent and unafraid to question his opponents manhood / patriotism.  Par for the course for a foreign policy intellectual who hid from the draft in the National Guard during the Viet Nam War...given that does anyone expect a peacenik in the making?
No, I'm gonna go out on limb and suggest short tenure for Bolton, I think he has too many antagonists laying for him in DC to be an effective NSC Advisor, and his personality is "too trumpian" to ever collaborate effectively with the President.
No, to me, his appointment points to something deeper, most US Presidents, commencing with Dwight Eisenhower have tried to use and or manipulate television to influence voters. Donald Trump seems to be the first US President to be chiefly influened and controlled BY television, he tends to pick people for important offices on the basis of their Fox News Appearances and their innate qualities to grate on liberals.
I think this could be very important down the line, Fox News and the TV News Cycle in General basically control the US President...get control of the new cycle and you can put Trump on the defensive literally instantly....think about that folks.
Stormy Daniels has the entire White House on the defensive simply because she has deployed innuendo & anticipation skillfully to dominate the news cycle.  You notice no one is paying the slightest attention to the Administrations bleating denials regarding her alleged affair with the President...she hasn't said a single thing yet and Trump's credibility in this matter is already shot to hell.
I'd say the lady is onto something....

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